Fine Motor Skill Fun

Drawing(1)   Cliquez sur la Tour Eiffel pour le texte en français. IMG_0731   Miss O. is 22 months old. This game has been around the house for a couple of months now and it's still a hit whenever I present it to Miss O. You've probably seen it as I did on Pinterest. So today I'm just going to show you my version of it hoping that it may inspire you as well. What you will need as shown in the pic : IMG_0714 I am really fond of the Pringles tube because it serves several purposes. First of all its bottom is metalic and when children bang it on a table for instance it makes noise. And do toddlers looove noise! Second its top is made of plastic so it is very easy to pierce as we shall see.I have used a punch but a nail and a hammer will do as well provided you proceed gently. An important thing is not to forget to remove the plastic part on the inside of the lid that way the pipe cleaner will slide smoothly into the tube. That is why you'll need an Xacto knife. You may decorate the tube with any glue and paper. I have chosen papers that I had around the house but really anything will do as long as it's pretty. Not shown on the pic is washi tape that I have chose red to finalize the design. Here is a pic of the final product so to speak. IMG_0732 I have added heart shaped colored stickers because Miss O. is obsessed with hearts so I jumped on the occasion to combne her liking with the purpose of the activity. Just stick the stickers on top of the hole, turn the lid upside down and punch the sticker with a nail or a pin make the hole in the sticker as big as the original hole. Now provide pie cleaners of a matching color to those of the stickers that may change as your child progresses in her learning. Let the fun begin! Feel free to leave a comment. I would love to hear from you.

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