Spring Flowerorama

Miss O. is 2 years old Spring is here! Wouhouuuuuuuuuuu and with the new season a complete change of scenery for Miss O. Nope we haven't moved yet again. However the days are longer, the air softer and the flowers finally out which changes her perspective and makes her sensitive to the changing seasons. So everyday now we're going together to the garden to see which new flower is offering us its bright colors. Today the pink tulips are our stars. We've been wiaitng for them to come along the yellow purple and red that already ornate our garden. IMG_1107 That's how I got the idea of picking flowers according to colors. Showing Miss O. how to pick flowers properly was a good life lesson and one more occasion to help go slow and be soft. She's definitely making progress in that area. IMG_1105 Once our "Swedish" plastic cups had a couple of flowers in them we decided to display them on the ground on a chalk background. Just because it's pretty and we love colors in this house. Flowerorama  

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