Epiphany Play

Drawing(1)   Cliquez sur la Tour Eiffel pour le texte en français. epiphany play   Miss O. is 21 months old. Epiphany is a Christian celebration that is quite popular in France in January. It is basically the occasion to meet with family and friends to have a very special cake inside of which you'll find a little trinket. Basically the person whose share of cake has the trinket gets the crown and becomes either king or queen.   My dad came home being the king and brought back the crown. Thus I figured we might use it to play and practice sticking abilities. What you'll need to do this activity is a blank paper or foil crown like so, stickers of all colors and shapes, double sided foam mounting dots and a container in which to put all of the former so as to provide some order to the activity. Crown embellishment Then simply let the fun unravel. Miss O loves everything shiny diamond looking; she's crazy about hearts so I tried to dig into my treasure chest to provide. She was quite happy with the activity during snack time. Below is WIP. Removing the protection paper of the stickers is still quite challenging for Miss O. so a little help from mommy comes in handy every once in a while. And the queen with her unique crown... IMG_0165

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