Butterflied Lamp

Drawing(1)   Cliquez sur la Tour Eiffel pour le texte en français. IMG_0433 Miss O. is 22 months old. With a little time on my side I decided to customize Miss O.'s bedroom lamp. You'll need a few supplies in order to complete this tutorial whether you choose to go with the same pattern or choose your own. Here is what you'll need :
  • A lamp shade such as this one here
  • Scraps of fabric
  • Color felt
  • Some beads
  • A pattern of your liking. I chose butterflies
  • Fishing thread
  • Jewelry wire
  • A sturdy and long needle
  • Iron-on double sided adhesive sheet.
First anf foremost you need to come up with a pattern that your child likes. Whether it is pirates, dinosaurs, planets you'll find tons of drawings on Google images. Once you have your drawing there are two ways to create your pattern : either your print and cut or your copy it straight onto the screen using tracing paper. Rather unconventional but quick! Now transfer your drawing onto cardboard to build your reusable pattern. I prefer working with cardboard as opposed to regular copy paper as it is sturdier. Anything goes like recycling a piece of cereal box. It doesn' t have to be pretty just efficient. Now trace the pattern onto the fabrics and felts you have selected. Bond each pair using iron-on double sided adhesive. Strictly follow the manufacturer's directions. Onto the lamp shade : pierce holes into the shade. Cut pieces of fishing threads. I recommend different lengths for a nicer visual effect. Put a double knot on the part that will set on the inner side of the lamp and sew the other part onto your fabric/felt butterfly. As a final touch I wrap golden wire around each one and ended it with beads to make them heavier. That way they would follow gravity and hang nicely. Voila! You're done. I fyou have any question or if you would like to share your creation here with me please do. I would love to hear from you. IMG_0443

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