Color Recognition

While Eating Drawing(1)   Cliquez sur la Tour Eiffel pour le texte en français. Colorful stacking Miss O. is 22 months old. Miss O. is growing fast turning two in about two months. She has never been very interested in those stacking cups I got for her very early on. Until recently..... She has never been a big eater either so lunch time tends to be a drag unless she can play or get busy some way or another. Hence the stacking cups. I thought I might give it another try and guess what : it was a hit this time around! Go figure! She spends the entire lunch time naming the animals she knows on the bottom of the cups, naming the colors in both languages, associating by color, by size and looking for objects or trinkets of the same color to put inside. Hence the picture below : Adding fun to the fun________________________________________________________________________________ Valentine's Colors IMG_0682 Miss O. is 23 months old Valentine's day is around the corner and stores are filled with red pink and white flowers and trinkets. Time for another celebration in Miss O. 's toddler life. Her being obsessed with hearts for a while now I oculd not resist. Every activity was an excuse to use "hearts". Hence this quick and easy activity. All you need is  for this color matching activity is:
  • crayons
  • heart shaped cookie cutters
  • heart shaped candies

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